Friday, February 10, 2017

World of Color Unit

Hello Families!

We are beginning our unit of The World of Color. In this unit you child will learn about color, color names, color mixing, color patterns, color stains, and much more!

OWLS World of Color - Theme Concepts

  • "Color makes our world beautiful, both in nature and through art. 
  • Different colors appeal to different people.
  • Color can carry information.
  • Paint and dyes are used to color other things and are mixed to make new colors.
  • Different substances can cause stains of different colors.
  • Color is an identifying feature of many natural things"
Your child will participate in the following activites:

Small Groups
- Max's Ice Cream Cone patterns
- Max's Dragon Shirt
- Dog's Colorful Day
- Dog's Spots
- Mouse Paint Mixing Colors
- Color Poems
- Color/Shape Bingo
- Patterning
- Rainbows

Image result for max's dragon shirt Image result for dog's colorful day Image result for dear juno Image result for puddle pail Image result for the lion and the little red bird

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wind and Water

We have been hard at work with our Wind and Water Unit. Here are the activities your child has been participating in or will be finishing up this week:

Small Groups
Picture Card Memory
Boom Bang
Tissue Paper Kits
Mitten Color Sort
Snowman Names
Snowman/Snowflake Pattern
Peter's Snowy Day

Large Groups
Listening Activity/Follow group directions
Absorb/Repel Experiment
Sound Sandwiches
Snowman buttons up to 10

Choice Time Centers
- Art: Making a Penguin, Collages
- Rug: Cars and Blocks
- Manipulatives: Legos
- Dramatic Play: Hardware Store/Shop
- Sensory Table: Water and Boats
- Book Corner: Wind and Water Books

Image result for a hat for minerva louise Image result for rabbits and raindrops Image result for snowy day

Image result for when it starts to snow Image result for the jacket i wear in the snow Image result for sail away childrens story